Arena Special Edition Kickboard- 95275-501

The Arena Special Edition Kickboard has a black/white design which will brighten up those tough swim training sessions. It comfortable supports the arms whilst keeping the upper body still.
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Manufacturer: Arena

Two hand holes

Comfortably supports the arms while keeping the upper body still

Allows for different hand positioning

Improve balance and body position in the water: Rest your arms on the board and press your armpits down to bring your hips up in the water - if you just hold the kickboard your head will be up, which makes your hips lower in the water creating drag. You should kick from your hips for a nice big powerful kick. Ankles should stay below the surface to create more leverage and forward motion.

Practice your kick stroke: Using a kickboard isolates your legs so that you can concentrate on your technique as you are not having to think about your arms. Some swimmers rely too much on their arms and drag their legs through the water. This will make you swim slowly and tire you out quickly.

Improve leg strength: using a kickboard gives your legs an isolated work out and will build up lower body strength and endurance.


Material: EVA Foam
Dimensions: L40cm x W28cm

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