Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX England Commonwealth Games Jammer- 001117-544

Arena England Commonwealth Games Edition Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Jammers in Dark Grey/Black. POWERSKIN Carbon Series. In collaboration with KINETECH LABS, Arena has developed a unique, powerful and extreme performing fabric, manufactured using a very particular combination of yarns. In this fabric, elastane is encased in a durable Carbon Fibre and then woven into a grid like structure, together with other elastane and nylon yarns producing a strong, durable fabric. Panels are then cut and bonded together, creating a Carbon Cage around the body, protecting the swimmer from overstressing during the race, and reducing form drag.
Manufacturer: Arena

Benefits and Features;

Carbon Cage

Intelligent Compression

Power Return Construction

Externally Seamless, two panel construction with strategic placement of seams in the hips and thighs, helps maximizing the swimmers power and speed.

Patented V-Flex system with revolutionary placement of the front and rear seams, provides swimmers with the maximum range of motion and freedom of movement.

Ideal for long distances, backstroke, breastroke and individual medley

FINA Approved

Material. 65% Nylon, 34% Elastane, 1% Carbon