Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggles- 8-08210C908

Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggles. Superb Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror racing goggles in White/Red. With fashionable tinted lenses and Black nose bridge.
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Manufacturer: Speedo

Maximum comfort, a hydrodynamic profile and wide peripheral vision with less head movement make the Elite Goggle a key weapon in the armoury of the serious swimmer

This product has been fully approved by FINA.

Developed as part of the world's first Racing System®, engineering cap, goggles and suit to work in harmony

Hydroscopic Lens is a unique lens shape offering an increased field of vision

Speedo's first true 3D goggle seal designed with IQ Fit for real head and face contours

An accurate and comfortable fit

Improved seal leak resistance

Fits the face so less need for high strap tension

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